Trump's Secret Blueprint To Break The Dem's Leviathan Hold

about a year ago

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There is a chapter in Nehemiah that explains this peculiar moment in America. It was when the struggling Jews hit the mid point in restoring their nations walls and gates and the enemy saw their progress and went crazy. On Sunday well be 100 days till midterms. The American Firewall will be half way built. Were gonna stop this fire and meet it with fire from God. Lets talk about that. But first, whats happening around the world right now is amazing. Satans agenda is being pushed back and the timing of events is thrown off. The Great Reset is sucking wind in Europe. Roe v. Wade was a moment that symbolizes the shift in momentum. The change is not just here, its global. Democracys are shaking as Sri Lanka, Italy, U.K. Netherlands, France, Germany all feel the impact as the people rise against the ruler elites. 100 days from this Sunday the Democrat apparatus will be shattered in midterms. The thing they fear and talk about already is that Trump is heading back with a blueprint (called a Schedule F) to break their Leviathan grip on America through big government labrynth of three letter agencies CDC, NHS, DHS,DOJ, FBI, etc. - all of them see whats coming. Remember who now holds power in office and media. They are the party that boasted in Time Magazine that they had to call off 200 groups of anarchists ready to burn down American streets if Trump got near to an election night victory. They are the party that is trying to put Steve Bannon in prison. This is no time to be punching the air. We need to hit the target. With so much at stake this is the moment in my lifetime when the church needs to see and agree on the threat and move AS ONE. The good news is that God is showing us how to advance.