Top Stories of 2021: The Good, Bad & Ridiculous- New Year's Special!

About 2 years ago

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#NewYearsEve Shows! Top Stories of 2021: The Good, Bad & Ridiculous: While to most of us, 2021 felt like a scene from Bill Murray's #GroundhogDay, a repeat of the nightmare of 2020 all over again, this past year has been quite different from the previous. We saw #ClayClark's #ReAwakenAmericaTour take the country by storm, #JoeBiden place his hand on a #Bible surrounded by razor wire in #DC, #KyleRittenhouse was found not guilty, #Redditors took on #WallStreet with the# SilverSqueeze, the incompetent pullout of US troops in #Afghanistan, the event that took place exactly one year ago, minus 6 days, #India stops the pandemic dead in it's tracks with #Ivermectin & so much more! You don't want to miss tonight's special New Year's Eve shows! We will kick off the night on Brighteon TV at 6:00pm where we will take a deep dive into what happened on January 6th, then head on over to our regular platforms where we will have a FUN New Year's Eve special, year in review!

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