The Republic Hangs By A Thread - Will Supreme Court Have the Courage To Act?

About 7 months ago

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The Lance Wallnau Show

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My friends, a storm is gathering around our republic's foundations. The left continues attacking our basic liberties while unelected courts erode our rights. Trump remains embroiled in relentless lawfare even as his polling surges—is jailing opponents the Democrats' last tactic before 2024?

In this nail-biting episode, I reveal the cabal of activists undermining the Supreme Court's legitimacy with intimidation while demanding Trump's incarceration before elections. We have evidence of shocking morality collapses inside Congress itself as chaos reigns. Yet could revival be sparked if our institutions re-embrace freedom and integrity?

I'm calling on ALL believers to pray for courage right now, that the Supreme Court withstands tyranny. Join me as I delve into these crucial developments, exposing the anti-American agendas operating within our halls of power while asking if citizens still have tools to resist tyranny's suffocating grip.

The republic hangs by a thread today. The question is whether sufficient righteous defenders still man the walls to turn back iniquity's advancement. We take a hard look at these questions in this episode that outlines dangerous cliffs we teeter upon, as well as rays of hope still within reach if we but stand up to defend liberty's last citadel.

The stakes don't get higher than this, friends. Brace yourselves through earnest appeal to heaven, then tune into this urgent dispatch!