Susie Abromeit and Heather Nelson - #2214

About a year ago

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Tom Barnard

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Susie has had some ups and downs.  Losing everything to a wildfire, that's a down.  Becoming a movie star is an up.  You see what I mean.  Two days ago she added another movie, Love In Bloom, to her portfolio.  It's on Great American Family, which is fitting because we ourselves are a great American family.  Depending on who you ask, of course.  Others might use different words. And speaking of families, Heather is one of the people spearheading a study called 10,000 families, which aims to collect information from - fittingly - 10,000 Minnesota families to try and determine if any lifestyle or environmental differences between the two might give us more insight into the way they impact health.  Medical science still has a long way to go.  Most doctors denied the link between cigarettes and lung cancer as late as the 70s.  So make sure to participate in the study and maybe you can prevent your children from doing some harmful thing that you did back when we didn't know it was harmful.