Russia & Ukraine Enter Peace Talks; New Zealanders Protest 2/27/22

About 2 years ago

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Ukraine has agreed to meet with Russia in Belarus as part of peace talks. It remains to be seen what the results will turn out to be. In the age of the internet, it's become clear that much of what the mainstream media tells us is slanted, if not outright lies and deception. This was the case with the Russian collusion narrative and now we are seeing that the Ukrainian/Russian conflict is much more nuanced and multi- layered than what we are being told.

Nearly everyone agrees that the Ukraine is the most corrupt European country- full of bribes and oligarchs; the same can be said of Russia. There are facts that cannot be disputed though: Joe Biden's son had absolutely no experience in energy, but was paid millions by a Ukrainian energy business to sit on its board, along with other relatives of high profile US politicians. Are Russia's NATO concerns valid? What is Putin's ultimate play? Russian banks are sanctioned, but the oil still flows while people symbolically dump Russian Vodka.

Today we will dive into the other side of the story in desperate need of some unpartisan balance.

Meanwhile, New Zealanders have had enough of nation-wide prison and are taking a page out of the Canadian's playbook and camping out peacefully in front of their nation's capitol. Londoners, Parisians, and Canadians continue to take to the streets even as Canada eases some of it's restrictions.

Spain's populist Vox party rises in the polls, El Salvador's president calls out Justin Trudeau for hypocrisy, and Nigel Farage makes a stop at CPAC. Lots of world news that you won't get anywhere else. Come and join us! Read More:

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