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About 2 years ago

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Alan Keyes: Fight Fauci Fear with the Fear of the Lord
Michelle and I had the privilege of joining Dr. Alan Keyes on Let's Talk America LIVE today on the Brighteon.TV network, join us tonight for a live premier of that interview for you guys! 

You are not going to want to miss a minute of this power packed episode. Dr. Keyes laid a foundation for us on several points regarding where our rights come from and how to we fix the system that has encroached upon on those inalienable rights. Dr. Keyes is an American historian with a doctorate from Harvard who wrote his dissertation on constitutional theory. He breaks down each word in the Declaration of Independence and shows us the important meaning behind each of the following:

Who is our Creator?
What are rights? 
What is equality?
In the answers to these questions lies the recipe for how we get those rights back, that are now being threatened and taken away. 

The Supreme Being who wrote the Word of God is our Creator. He is the one who shows us, through His Word, what is right and wrong and the laws of Nature show us that we have the right to do what is right before God. No one can take away the liberty to do what is right. Some totalitarians may try, but any dictator will ultimately fail.

The Constitution does not guarantee equality in material things or equality in outcome as Kamala Harris proposed. No, mankind is created equal by God with the same liberty to serve Him and do what is right, to access his creation and provide themselves with sustenance from this creation in a way that is aligned with God's Word. In other words there is equality in opportunity to do what is right, but not a guarantee in outcome.

As we navigate the minefields of censorship around us, imtv.us and Brighteon.tv are shining lights showing us the way to freedom- another word Dr. Keyes breaks down for us and how important it is to understand that our quest is not ultimately for freedom but the ability to do what is right.  

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