Must Watch! Freedom Loving EU MEP's Epic Speeches! Plus TOP World News 10/31/21

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On todays episode of top news from around the world: Freedom Loving #EU #MEPs Epic Speeches! Plus: #Australian Police Stand Down At March & #G20 Meet in Rome Ahead of the #UNClimateConference in #Glasgow, #Scotland Biden reminds us just what an embarrassment he is when around semi mentally competent people. Five members of the #EuropeanParliament held a press conference on freedom and spoke out against such constraints on liberty such as #greenpasses. The whole conference is worth watching as this is a watershed moment for not just Europe but the world. Also this week in the island prison colony previously known as #Australia, a light of hope was lit. Thousands of protesters gathered in #Melbournes #CBD on Saturday calling on Premier #DanielAndrews to resign as they rallied against the #Victorian governments new pandemic legislation.  Chants erupting from the crowd included: End the mandates, Stop medical apartheid, and We need Bill of Rights! Meanwhile, #Poland avoids paying #EU fines by leaving email from #EUCourt Unread in a smart move against the totalitarians and #Hungarys Family Minister says the government will to Spend HUF 3,500 Billion on Family Support Next Year.   Amazing# protests abound as we go all around the #world to cheer on freedom lovers from #Milan to #Calgary. All of that and MUCH MORE! 
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