The McLaughlin Group Takes Over The Lance Wallnau Show!

About 2 years ago

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The Lance Wallnau Show

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Today, we're doing something different. Dr. Lance Wallnau does some speed rounds with his millennial panel to get their opinion on the Elon Musk - Twitter situation, McDonald's pulling out of Russia, and are Netflix and Disney finally going broke after getting woke? The woke backlash may finally be here! The thing that inspired this episode was Lance's realization that the next generation doesn't appreciate the news format that John McLaughlin had at the McLaughlin group. He would get liberals and conservatives together on his program who would give their unique perspectives on the day's issues. Dana Carvey greatly satirized the program and McLaughlin himself on SNL, so Lance plays the clip to educate his office and get your views on how the McLaughlin group educated his generation's view on politics. You don't want to miss this broadcast.