Lance reviews Napoleon Movie and predicts what the AntiChrist will be like

About 4 months ago

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The Lance Wallnau Show

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Have you ever felt like the culture war is just a proxy for a deeper spiritual battle? I unpack that idea in this hard-hitting episode.

You'll also get my no-holds-barred review of Ridley Scott's new Napoleon film starring Joaquin Phoenix. I reveal why it fails to capture the fiery charisma of the real Bonaparte despite its massive $200 million budget.

Other topics include:

The personality dynamics of history's greatest dictators like Julius Caesar and what they teach us about the coming Antichrist 

Why I believe Gen Z men could be the conservative locomotive we need to break the spell of woke millennials 

The danger of spiritual apathy and what the Bible says about lawlessness making love grow cold 

Actionable ways to escape false hope or disengagement traps Christians face right now 

And more!

If you want the straight truth about the spiritual war behind today's culture war chaos...

If you want to understand history to decode the present and future...

If you need resilience to stand strong when society is blowing in the wind...

Then this episode is FOR YOU.

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