Kissinger’s Last Words and Harvard's Shocking Confession

About 7 months ago

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Do you want the TRUTH about what led to economic ruin in South Africa? Are China's hazmat suits signaling a chilling COVID comeback? What was Henry Kissinger's REAL legacy? Buckle up, because in this high-octane episode, I'm getting into the gritty details the mainstream media doesn't want you to know!

First, I'm pulling back the curtain on the Harvard study exposing how Marxist ideology and diversity madness dismantled South Africa's once-booming economy. You'll discover the 4 specific ways WOKEISM killed their nation - and how the USA could follow suit if we're not vigilant!

Next, I'm giving you the unfiltered truth about Henry Kissinger - including what he predicted about the Israeli-Palestinian crisis right before his death at 99!

And you MUST see the crazy photos of Chinese citizens back in HAZMAT suits. Is Fauci taking notes for his next lockdown? Or is this a desperate ploy to stop men like President Trump from swooping in to disinfect their communist regime in 2024?

From Gaza to the gold standard, Marxism to mate selection, I break it all down with rapid-fire analysis and a dash of humor. So click to watch or listen - before the censors try to cancel THIS episode too!