Kelly Thiel - #2150-2

About 2 years ago

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Tom Barnard

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You probably don't have too many positive associations with the word "cult".  Makes you wonder why people join them, right?  One major issue is that they don't generally advertise themselves as cults.  That wouldn't be good branding.  Although they do their fair share of branding, both literal and figurative.  NXIVM figured out how to incorporate both kinds into their recruiting scheme, and it worked pretty well until the whole prison thing.  Kelly was a member of NXIVM, and no, they didn't tell her they were a cult when she first joined.  It's more insidious than that.  Witness the insidiousness in her own words in her new book, or get a glimpse during this hour's show. Unapologetically Glorious: The Power of Owning Your Story Without Shame or Blame -