Kathryn interviews guests on Lets Just Talk

about a year ago

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Kathryn Raaker

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My first guest is Mike Popp, or his handle (LW) of the Liberty Warrior Nation. A powerful radio show host and Patriot. Mike tells his story like this, it started with a man and his laptop…answering a call from God. He came from the school of hard knocks. He has worked for everything he has had. Lost it all, gained it back. Got knocked down and stood back up. God has always carried me when needed Him and pushed me when he could. Nothing in this world meets you halfway. Join LW at LIBERTY WARRIOR NATION for an inspiring look at life, politics, current events, and a world view from 30,000 feet. Catherine McCord is our second guest. She is a mom, food blogger, former supermodel, and creator of Weelicious. She is teaming up with Pound of Ground Crumbles to share new ways to create tasty meals in minutes. Our last guest today is Samantha Crowe PETA’s Manager of Science Education. Ms. Crowe will discuss state-of-the-art alternatives ending animal dissection, the RAISE coalition, and her new co-authored paper in the American Biology Teacher journal.