Kate Tellers - #2156-1

About 2 years ago

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Tom Barnard

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Usually, when a moth enters your home it's annoying.  They're not dangerous or unsanitary, they're just annoying.  Not this time.  This moth tells stories.  It's also an organization, not a literal moth.  The opposable thumbs and human brain really help when writing a book.  They also help when telling stories in an interesting way, which is what this book is all about.  We all know someone who really likes telling people what happened to them but is absolutely awful at it.  It is a moral imperative to help these people to stop saying "like, um" every other word when talking.  Perhaps this book could remedy that. How to Tell a Story: The Essential Guide to Memorable Storytelling from The Moth - amzn.to/3v9GkiW