Kabul Falls As Taliban Takes Over Afghanistan & This Week's TOP World News 8/15/2021

About 2 years ago

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Is this Joe Biden's Vietnam? China has pressured Joe to pull out of Afghanistan in what is, quite literally, the worst way possible. Why? China has said they are ready to honor the Taliban as a legitimate government so they can build their highspeed railway through the country. President Ashraf Ghani Flees Afghanistan, as Kabul is stormed and US personal are emergency evacuated. What a national embarrassment. Any pullout of Afghanistan was going to be ugly but this makes the United States look absolutely incompetent. Canadians are pushing back against the government's plan to limit domestic air travel to those with jab papers as well as requiring all medical workers and federal workers to have the jab. The French are at it as well with their protests against the government's health pass for daily life. That and more with this week's International news roundup!

Link to Kate Dalley Show on Woman who saved husband by forces hospital to treat husband with proper treatments: https://rumble.com/vkwmdy-kate-dalley-show-how-are-the-hospital-covid-19-protocols-are-mass-murdering.html

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