Join Lance for a Special Christmas Eve - Miracles Really Do Happen!

About 4 months ago

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A Christmas Eve Special You Won't Want to Miss!

Are you ready to hear an AMAZING story of redemption and miracles happening today?

In this Christmas Eve special, I sit down with my wife Annabelle to discuss her INCREDIBLE encounter with Jesus.

Annabelle used to be deeply embedded in the occult and new age practices. We're talking crystals, tarot cards, psychics - the whole deal. On top of that, she struggled with addiction and even theft!

But one day, Annabelle had a life-changing experience after opening up an old Bible. What happened next is almost too wild to be true.

She was INSTANTLY delivered from every negative habit and addiction that had been destroying her life. The power of Jesus Christ utterly transformed her spirit - without ANY rehab or withdrawal necessary!

Now Annabelle is living proof that miracles really CAN happen today through the living word of God.

In this special Christmas Eve episode, tune in as Annabelle describes: 

Her dark past life immersed in the occult and addiction The EXACT moment Jesus Christ powerfully intervened How reading one Bible verse COMPLETELY flipped her world upside down, in the best way possible This is not just a nice Christmas story. What took place for Annabelle is an incredible testimony to how Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever - and STILL setting captives free today!

So join us this Christmas Eve as we discuss miracles, the true meaning of Christmas, and how you can unlock greater power from God's word.

Just like Annabelle's overnight transformation, your life can change in an instant too. I can't wait for you to hear the full story!