Italy Vs England Euro Final Should Mean End to Lockdowns- Top World News 7/11/21

about 2 years ago

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On today's episode of Sunday World News: Italy Vs England Euro Final should mean the end to lockdowns, but while 60,000 people will crowd into a #UKFootball stadium, Boris Johnson still has the rest of the country in lockdown. This is absurd. People can't say goodbye to their loved ones. The UK government needs a good kick in the knickers. Come on mate...
Australia is still insanely going for "zero" covid cases while New Zealand is seeing children in the ICU with RSV because their immune systems haven't been properly used due to severe lockdowns and isolation.

Then, half of all Swedes have had enough of their leftist government and favor a conservative coalition. Populist leader says Sweden is like a war zone due to migration. All of that, and much more: coming up!