Interview w/ Peznt Journalist: The Leading Journalist Exposing Event 201 & the Great Reset

about a year ago

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No one else on social media or in mainstream media for that matter, has been able to piece together such explosive timelines and threads exposing the elite's plans to transform humanity, using in these same "elites'" own words. At Resistance Chicks we always say "It's not just a conspiracy theory, if it's the truth" and in this age of misinformation, there are a lot of fake conspiracies that muddy the water. These fake conspiracies actually give cover to the likes of Klaus Schwab, Davos and the World Economic Forum, to name a few, so we need the facts.
It's hard to imagine that there are people who truly want to create a bio-technological race of human beings- and you would never believe it's true unless you heard it from their own mouths. Online journalist, Phil Gibson, otherwise known to his Twitter following as #PezntJournalist, does what no one else seems to be capable of: uncover their plans to radically transform society, and then breaks them down into irrefutable, yet digestible clips with accurate, descriptive captions. 
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