How Are You Today Lord?

About 4 months ago

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I am on high and laughing at my enemies’ plans now that they have all been confused. I am turning them all against each other and you will see true freedom on earth soon. This confusion will create a great shaking that I am allowing as I add my shaking to it as well in both earth and heaven. This great shaking will eventually bring many to their knees others thought would never kneel to me. Therefore, now is the time to resume your prayers for those you gave up on. I have not given up on anyone who has not given up their soul completely. I love everyone and if they still have a soul, I give them free choice to repent and come to me. Some hearts I will harden for my purposes, but even some of those I will call at a later time. Pray for your enemies my children. Even pray for those you thought were lost forever. #pray #shaking
This is the first part of the word from "Rick's Alone Time with God" on Nov 30, 2023. You can find these daily words on the blog at