Holywood Podcast: Lindell Event August 2023 Live Today & Tomorrow

about 5 weeks ago

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Lindell event: Sign Up for Mike Lindell’s Event to Stream today WEDNESDAY AUG 16- WEDNESDAY AUG 17, 2023 from 9AMCT-9PM CT  Go to: LindellEvent.org

use referral code: HOLYWOOD (oneword)

Or click the link to watch



  • Pls use Hashtag #LindellEvent; #ElectionSummit #ThelindellPlan
  • Pls share the attached graphics on all your social media platforms
  • Pls share the link to all of your followers and email friends- We are expecting no less than 10 million  viewers on the 16th and the 17th. 
  • We will be streaming in 90 languages, all around the world!