Heres Evidence Your Prayers Are Working

About 2 years ago

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America is in a dangerous descending slide. The current administration is desperate to get millions of new voters across our borders since the American population is waking up to the fact they are destroying the country. The Democrats want to offer amnesty for 8-10 million illegal migrants, $450,000 in reparations to families separated at the border, even though that was for child safety reasons. Mercedes gives an eyewitness account of what she saw at the border in 2019. The DOJ targets parents for disagreeing with the school boards, independents are waking up to the craziness of progressivism, and a Florida teacher was 'honored' to take children on a field trip to a gay bar. The only thing that can stop the left is the populist movement, and people are finally waking up to the fact that prayer without mobilization gets nothing done.