Harry A. Milman - #2202

About 2 years ago

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Tom Barnard

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When you think about famous people, you probably think about overdosing on drugs.  I mean, them overdosing on drugs.  Though you couldn't be blamed for wanting to end it all when you hear about the latest celebrity "news".  Anyway, there's a reason the connection between celebrities and drugs is so universal.  Harry Milman has gone through several celebrity deaths to investigate the strange circumstances behind them.  Of the ones he looked at, 70% of them involved drugs.  That's a lot.  He's not one to pontificate on why so many famous people seem to be drug addicts.  This is about what happened, not why.  Although the answer to that question isn't always obvious either.   Forensics: The Science Behind the Deaths of Famous People Book 1: amzn.to/3oLEsZX Book 2: amzn.to/3cVNOiZ