Greater Love with Josh Chumley

About a year ago

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The Patriot Barbie

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In this episode, we get to the facts on abortion with Josh Chumley, Chief Advancement Officer of Choices Pregnancy Center. Tune in so you can learn how Choices is fighting for the unborn and what they are doing in the community to save babies lives!! Find real choice here: instagram: @cpcphoenix ⭐️WATCH full episode on Rumble ⭐️LISTEN on Apple ⭐️FOLLOW Lindsey at  ⭐️SUBSCRIBE to my email list! ?THANK YOU?  To my sponsors and partners for your generous support! Dr. Stephen Soloway. Author of Bad Medicine & Medical Politics. Dillon’s Restaurants MyPillow. Code PATRIOTBARBIE for up to 66% off! Celtic Plastics water systems