Get ready for the chaos and favor storm over America

About 7 months ago

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The Lance Wallnau Show

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A Storm Is Brewing Over America us

Do you sense the winds of change Whipping up chaos in this nation? Economic uncertainty. Political division. Moral decline. The foundations are shaking under our feet.

But will YOUR foundation hold when the storm hits?

In this riveting episode, you'll discover...

► The 6 key doctrines you MUST have firmly in place (get these wrong and your spiritual house will NOT stand the battering winds)

► Why the church has got it all wrong when it comes to the END TIMES (and the dangerous deception that's set many believers up for destruction when prophecy unfolds)

► A forgotten revelation about the JOSEPH GENERATION that's vital for thriving in the midst of coming chaos

The days ahead look dark. But you were born for this moment! In this eye-opening Biblical Study, get equipped so YOU emerge from the coming storms unshaken...standing tall on the solid rock as favor and increase wash over you.

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