Exposing bad medicine with Dr. Stephen Soloway

About 2 years ago

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The Patriot Barbie

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Meet Dr. Stephen Soloway, the arch nemesis of Dr Fraudci. He's the author of Bad Medicine: The Horrors of American Healthcare, and together, we reveal the truths behind the COVID pandemic. He shares his past with Dr. Fauci, his relationship with the Trumps, and all his expertise on the COVID "pandemic". Tune in to learn more about the bad practices of the medical world and what Dr. Stephen Soloway is doing about it.  ️⭐️WATCH full episode on Rumble https://rumble.com/c/ThePatriotBarbiePodcast ⭐️LISTEN on Apple https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-patriot-barbie-podcast/id1590743865 ⭐️FOLLOW Lindsey at www.patriotbarbie.com  ⭐️SUBSCRIBE to my email list! http://eepurl.com/hPNzyv ?THANK YOU?  To my sponsors and partners for your generous support! Dillon’s Restaurants! 4 fabulous locations all over Arizona. Honoring our veterans, law enforcement and first responders.   Toxic Masculinity. Men’s Haircare & apparel brand celebrating masculinity, God, law enforcement, troops, and President Trump. MyPillow. Code PATRIOTBARBIE. Sleep like a patriot.  . ❤️ The Patriot Barbie donates 10% of all podcast sponsorships to Choices Pregnancy Center!❤️ The Patriot Barbie Makeup By  https://www.limelifebyalcone.com/LLRPYykB5BNX Skin Care By https://modere.co/3tAw2Ho Find Dr. Stephen Soloway at https://drsoloway.com/ Buy the books!! Bad Medicine ....Horrors of American Healthcare Medical Politics ....How to protect yourself from Bad Doctors, Insurance Companies and Big Government