Ep86 – AZ State Sen Wendy Rogers Says the Election Security Fight Is Just Beginning and the Time to Stand Up is NOW!

About 2 years ago

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Senator Rogers points out that the Founders gave state legislatures the plenary power to regulate, conduct, and oversee the federal office elections, including that of President and Vice President. She urges all sitting state representatives and senators to contact her at [email protected] to join over 100 other state reps and senators who have signed her declaration demanding decertification of the 2020 Presidential election.

Please contact both your state rep and your state senator and urge them to sign, if they haven't already! And if you have a state legislator who is already four-square in support of joining this crusade, send an email to them introducing Sen. Rogers by CCing her at [email protected].


And if you're a private citizen and want your voice added to the 1 Million strong who have already said they want the Presidential election decertified, CLICK HERE or go to www.wendyrogers.org and click the link on the right in the top banner bar.

Be sure to follow Sen. Rogers on Telegram, where she first drops all her truthbombs. Her handle is @WendyRogersAZ