Ep 98 - An Undisclosed Location in LA - "Columbo" - Kerry and Buttigieg, The Crypto Matrix

About 2 years ago

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From the land of gender-free toy aisles and vax ID requirements, Jake and Cutter go underground to an undisclosed location, the site of many episodes of the legendary TV show, 'Columbo'. Hats off to the proprietor who said "Screw the mandate, let's make a living!" The Boys take dopey, corrupt Secretary of State John Kerry for a drag around the stupidity parking lot, as he talks of bringing American jobs back to Mexico, and roll their eyes at Pete Buttigieg as he takes paternity leave in the midst of a supply chain crisis. And you think IRS meddling in your bank account stops there? Wake up to the trojan horse of cryptocurrency, the fuel on which the state will run your mind and body in the real-world Matrix growing right under our noses.