EP 2412-9AM OVERT COUP! Democrat Effort To Pack The U.S. Supreme Court A 'Hostile Takeover' 

about 2 years ago

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Pete Santilli

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House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nadler, D-NY, Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass, and others will be announcing their plan to immediately add four new justices to the Court. The number is calculated purely to give liberals a 7-6 majority on the Court. It is about a subtle as a B-52 run. Many of us have discussed the expansion of the Supreme Court through the years. Over 20 years ago, I recommended the expansion of the Court to 17 or 19 members. However, that recommendation would occur over many years and would not give advocates the short-term majority that they are seeking. That is the difference between reforming and packing the Court. The bill today strips away any pretense of principle. It is pure unadulterated court packing. https://thepetesantillishow.com/archives/17440