Ep 192 - Morimoto | Philadelphia, PA - "Independence Day" - What The Founders Did For Us

About 2 years ago

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After landing back home on Bobby Bonilla Day for the holiday weekend, we head to the heart of Philadelphia, where the Founders risked everything for freedom, and discuss the movie 'Independence Day'. Jake cautions of how the powers that be pre-manufacture art such as this in order to take the sting off of the exposure of near-to-come realities. Cutter's excitement about the latest SCOTUS decision bamboozles him into thinking about our CSNY Ohio show, while applauding how West Virginia v. the EPA stops 'appointed' bureaucrats from making and enforcing their own tyrannous laws. Finally, we discuss the concept of marriage, and its relation, or lack thereof, to the Constitution, and how the law and marriage don't belong together.