Ep 142 - Nick's Roast Beef | Springfield, PA - "Rocky IV" - Sexy Chickens

About 2 years ago

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Beer, Chips & Politics

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No, we're not in Russia, scene of 'Rocky IV', we're still in Philly, enjoying one of Philly's best sandwiches at Nick's Roast Beef (Jake's first time). Today, Cutter gets slapped around by Jake for thinking Tulsi Gabbard is changing her stripes. By the time Jake is done, one has to question the true nature of major social and political movements, and their relationship to government central planning and secret ops by our oh-so righteous intelligence services. And the next time you start believing the myths the media has created about The White House, Mr. Holbrook, just play a Kamala Harris cut. Fun and games, flipping sides...all a show for mass consumption as our nation gets looted.