The Endgame 052722 - Incoherence in Uvalde

about a year ago

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In today's episode:


Everything coming out of Uvalde is either inconsistent, incompetent, or completely incoherent

The media seems to be creating a narrative for the people they interview

The mayor of Uvalde has been outspoken about the policy failures of the fake administration regarding illegal immigration that is destroying his city

DHS declares that ICE/CBP will not be enforcing immigration law in Uvalde due to the incident two days after Title 42 was set to expire and did not

Tore Maras and Political Moonshine on strange federal expenditures in Uvalde

99% of illegal immigrants claiming asylum are making invalid claims, according to a study from UCLA

A Yuma woman pleads guilty to election fraud charges centered around True the Vote

Records show 20,000 Maricopa County votes received after the deadline were counted in the 2020 election

The Thomas More Society brings new cases against the "Wisconsin 5" cities over CTCL funded dropboxes.


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