The Endgame 052322 - Explanatory Power

about a year ago

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In today's episode:


The richest, most powerful people in the world are meeting in Switzerland and broadcasting their plans for the future in front of a global audience while the plans they've put in place destroy societies the world over, on purpose

Joe Biden goes to Asia and commits to a military defense of Taiwan again, but the fake administration walks it back, saying the fake president doesn't know what he's talking about... again

The "conservatives" within the State Media become anti-Clinton warriors for the American cause even though they're scared to discuss election fraud

Edgy centrists take credit for knowing about the Russia hoax but still think Trump was weak, stupid, and ineffectual even though he was defending himself against a coup while running the country

Gregg Phillips (2000 Mules) reports that arrests and raids are coming down in Arizona ballot trafficking

Phillips has been tracking election fraud since before the 2016 election and has far more evidence than we saw in 2000 Mules.


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