The Endgame 051722 - A Day of Distractions?

about a year ago

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In today's episode:

The fake president in Buffalo and hearings featuring aliens and Nazi Doctor Anthony Fauci are not the critical issues today

Kathy Barnette may win an upset victory over Trump-endorsed candidate Dr. Oz - has MAGA decided Trump isn't MAGA enough with his endorsement?

Janet Yellin says we need to send $40 billion to Ukraine (but really much more) to pay for Ukrainian pensions and reconstruction

Ukrainian soldiers surrender at Azovstal but it's actually a huge victory according to the comedic actor and Global State Media

Russia eliminates incoming US/EU supplies in western Ukraine

Project Veritas releases hidden-camera video of a millennial Twitter employee saying that the company is "commie AF" - how could he?!

Elon Musk suggests that Twitter's actual number of fake accounts/bots is far higher than the 5% they reported to the SEC, and the deal can't move forward until the discrepancy is resolved

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