Don Lemon's Lies & Fall. Election Fraud. Prophetic Word. B2T Sow Feb 21, 2022

about a year ago

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A prophetic word says Don Lemons Lies will cause him to fall and never be in broadcasting again. 

The word also says massive Durham evidence is coming out as well as evidence about the 2020 election steel.

Brian Stelter is called out as well as many Cabal members such as Nancy Pelosi with her involvement in January 6. Rashida Tlaib, the Koch brothers, Ayanna Pressley, Eric Swalwell, Jeff Bazos, Mark Zuckerberg and others.

Rick gives his commentary around these huge prophetic revelations.

We also revie recent news including the release of Truth Social, Brandonflation, and the Deep States lust for a Russia Ukraine war.

Then we turn and study Exodus 1 and relate it to recent events as well as read a verse from the Psalms and turn to Hebrews to discuss the unshakable kingdom!

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