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THE DEVIL DOESNT LIKE THIS BROADCAST! Join me and Charlie Kirk and Kash Patel on call to shake up the Republican Party. We will name the Red State Attorney Generals and District Attorneys who we put in office for this moment. They need to do their job and indict and bring to court the other side as vigilantly as they do to us by targeting: Trump, Bannon, Flynn, Stone and Peter Navarro. What is the matter with us? Why have we been asleep to what we need to do? GREAT AWAKENING POLITICS Everyone I knew cheered for the Asbury Revival. We still hope that spark grows into a flame. The problem with revivals is that they dont change anything till they ignite reformers. The reformers carry the revival over into institutions and the institutions are where the gates of hell operate. That is the location the ecclesia (church) is supposed to go. Why? Because I will build My church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. Were supposed to show up where hell sets up shop. Awakenings are revivals that have social and cultural impact BECAUSE they leave the church mountain and run over into campuses, curriculum, courts, and congress! Did you know the Second Great Awakening led to the formation of the Republican Party in 1856 and the Civil War in 1860? This Awakening will reform the Republican Party. Lincoln was hated by the South and the Copperheads (swamp republicans) of the North. Trump is the Lincoln of this moment. I believe bold social and political action is entirely consistent with the spirit of this current Awakening in America. Mario Murillo and I will go to each swing state with the Fire and Glory Tour and lay siege to the forces that seek to steal Americas future. Well work with others in each state. ( doing our part to gather and unify the grassroots and take ground. If you SHARE this you help light the fire?