The Daily Mojo - Sean Themea, Dan Andros - 4/13/2021

About 2 years ago

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Brad Staggs

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Tuesday - 4/13/21 - Somewhere in Texas… Join Brad Staggs and Producer Ron Phillips LIVE from the Mojo 5-0 studios at the Desert Air Motel and Convention Center. It’s a power packed show today. We visit with Sean Themea from Young American’s for Liberty at 8:30a ET, followed by Dan Andros from at 9:30a ET. You can watch us live on Facebook (for now), Youtube and Mojo 5-0 TV or listen live on Mojo 5-0 Radio on iHeartRadio or on our website at #TheDailyMoJo #Mojo50 #WhatILearnedToday #ResistStupid #RealBradStaggs #RealRonPhillips