The Crisis On Our Borders With Christie Hutcherson

About 2 years ago

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This episode I interview Christie Hutcherson, President of Women Fighting for America, where she highlights the current crisis going on at our borders and that our government is doing nothing about it. Things get a bit scary, as she reveals personal testimony of who she has seen coming over our border, and what that means for Americans. Tune in to learn how you can help or get can get involved at our borders today! ️WATCH full episode on Rumble️ LISTEN on Apple️ FOLLOW Lindsey at️ SUBSCRIBE to my email list! THANK YOU To my sponsors and partners for your generous support! Dillon’s Restaurants! 4 fabulous locations all over Arizona. Honoring our veterans, law enforcement and first responders. Toxic Masculinity. Men’s Haircare & apparel brand celebrating masculinity, God, law enforcement, troops, and President Trump. MyPillow. Code PATRIOTBARBIE. Sleep like a patriot.. The Patriot Barbie donates 10% of all podcast sponsorships to Choices Pregnancy Center! The Patriot Barbie Makeup By Skin Care By