Canadian Freedom Convoy Updates, GoFundMe Now GiveSendGo 2/6/2022

about a year ago

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After major backlash and threats of class actions lawsuits that may still be brought forth, charity giant Gofundme has been forced to reverse course on their plan of action to commandeer nearly 9 million dollars of money raised for Canadian truckers. They planned to redistribute, to 'approved charities", the funds of those who didn't ask for a refund by a particular date. GoFundMe has since reversed course, saying all donations will be refunded. Meanwhile a small Christian based charity network, GiveSendGo, picked up the ball and while it may take several tries to get through on the overwhelmed site, supporters can now rest assured their support will go to the right place. They have now raised 2.5 million and have done wonders to diversify social media to places of free-speech such as and

Food, family, fun... those are things you will find at this monumental, peaceful protest in Ottawa and many other Canadian outposts. Alberta saw over 300 freedom riders on horseback join the cause to end mandates across this cold north American country. Meanwhile protests continue strong all over the world, as the fire of freedom spreads. Thousands of people in Turin, Italy formed, what has to be one of the world's largest potlucks to protest indoor restaurant rules. Melbourne saw a huge turn-out with thousands watching online. Spain, France, Belgium, even the Netherlands saw farmers ride out in tractors and hundreds of truckers make their way to the capitol. Read More:

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