Brad Cummings: The Founder's Bible & Our Hope Filled Horizon! Interview

about a year ago

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Resistance Chicks

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Join us for an incredible interview with the creator of the Founder's Bible. Brad Cummings is most well known for being the co-author and publisher of the NYT best selling Christian novel The Shack which has sold 22 million copies, as well as producer of the film based on the novel. However, Brad wears a LOT of hats, Publisher, Author, Producer, Pastor, Husband, Father and now: Historian.
Brad sought out the premiere constitutional expert in our country, David Barton of, to put together a Bible that told the stories of our founding and forefathers. And even though Barton had been approached by countless publishers in the past, he said yes to Brad. This led to 8 months of 20 hour days, and as Brad told Barton, a "Geneva Bible for our generation": The Founder's Bible. Use Promo code "ResistanceChicks" at and to save 20% off of EVERYTHING and 25% off of your purchase of The Founder's Bible/Digital Bible combination! Read More:

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