Biden suffered another bout of MAGAgitis and this time it hit him on Labor Day.

About a year ago

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His last spasm was viewed live by millions on his blood red set which his Nuremberg film crew set up to look like Hitlers documentary, Triumph Of The Will. Fearless leader was flanked by Marines as he threatened half of the nation after accusing them of being angry election denying fascists. American’s noted that her enemies are not the nuclear Mullahs of Iran or the Chinese Communists, no, Americas enemies are tax paying citizens who want election integrity and believe abortion should be decided by people who vote in states and not lawyers in bathrobes on benches. For these and other crimes, “MAGA” is branded as a criminal extremist cult. As the speech was delivered in Philadelphia a team of D.C. police SWATTED Steve Bannon’s home in what some anti MAGA people hoped would be an accidental assassination. They SWATTED MTG TWICE in similar hopes of an accidental shooting. Bannon is holding up well, especially considering that the regimes DC friendly court sentencing is coming soon. He may go to jail for not appearing before the fake Jan 6 committee. They are also pouring over materials raised in Mar-a-Lago in hopes of indicting Trump whose movement threatens to expose their whole intelligence coup on his Presidency as well as illegal business deals with Hunter. Some think they want to provoke a violent reaction among threatened and exasperated citizens. But, you know what drives them crazy? Their enemies don’t cooperate. This scares them. They know whats coming. We are winning and when we get the gavel, we will open up the can of worms they seek to keep sealed. What’s on Trumps Midterm investigation menu? Hunters lap top, Bidens profits. Biden’s Impeachment. FBI footage and involvement on Jan 6. Russiagate FBI corruption. Removal of top FBI level including Wray. Will Russiagate leads us to Obama? Who knows what else will open up as these are investigated? Now you see why they are desperate and why praying for Trumps physical safety is paramount. Biden can rant all he wants. He knows he will be investigated and impeached when we take over. The rest of the desperate insider community at the DOJ and FBI know this as well and that’s why they are desperate and pulling out all the stops. Get ready, it’s time for the ultimate late night Lance Rant.