Artur Arrested! Boris/Maxwell Connection; Trudeau: Do We Tolerate the UnVXed? 1/2/2022

About 2 years ago

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On today's TOP News Stories From Around the World:
#PastorArtur #Pawlowski and his brother arrested again, this time on New Year's Day after a peaceful protest. 
#JustinTrudeau calls the #unvaccinated #misogynistic, #racist and anti-science/progress- then adds: "This leads us, as a leader and as a country, to make a choice: #DoWeTolerateThesePeople?" 
#GhislaineMaxwell once rested her 'high-heeled boot' on #BorisJohnson's thigh... claims PM's sister Rachel. 
Then, according to a #Danish radio program a new documentary reveals how several hundred Danish orphans have been unknowingly used in experiments backed by the #CIA. 
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