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“My most memorable moment was meeting Pope Francis during his Papal tour in New York City in 2015. To welcome this extraordinary messenger of peace and unity to the USA was an honor. I orchestrated the creation of a 130-foot mural capturing his compassionate image, which received worldwide media attention and praise. That day lives in my heart.” 

With nearly two decades of experience in the entertainment sector, Craig Syracusa excels as a writer, director, producer, and actor. Serving as the Executive Director at the Emmaus Center, he has been instrumental in establishing the non-profit performing arts center from the ground up.

Before his tenure at the Emmaus Center, Craig was Executive Director of Programming and Production at DeSales Media Group. There, he guided the content direction of the Catholic cable station Net TV, and was the driving force behind the live events division. Craig succeeded in multiplying the network's viewership tenfold through global syndication. His live event productions gained recognition and accolades from major media outlets, including NBC, CBS, Fox, The Daily News, and the Brooklyn Eagle.

Craig paved his way into the entertainment world from his early days as a teen actor. After pursuing studies in writing and directing, he contributed to various television shows. Then Craig joined Entertainment Tonight, starting as a production assistant and ascending to a field producer role. Fueled by ambition, he pitched numerous reality show concepts and eventually landed a position on a show backed by Mark Cuban, marking a significant milestone in his career. Throughout his journey, Craig remained devoted to learning every facet of the industry, vowing to enlighten and motivate others through entertainment.

And that’s what he did. It has been 20 years since Craig started and received industry-wide recognition for his work, including five Emmy nominations and a Communicator Award for his directorial debut for a project for the late George Steinbrenner’s Silver Shield Foundation. Other awards followed: The Telly Award, IndieFest Award, a Gabriel, and a Global Accolade. Craig is a member of SAG-AFTRA.

Craig started a production company called God's Plan Productions, producing several documentaries and feature films. He made the feature documentary “Road to Our Holy Father,” traveling to Madrid, Spain, where Craig directed and wrote the documentary for the Roman Catholic Church. He also directed the SAG Feature Film “Omerta,” which was very well received by audiences, and the documentary “Ring of Faith,” which Craig directed and stars Mario Lopez, Shawn Porter, Stephen Espinoza, and Paulie Maligenaggi.

Craig possesses exceptional communication skills, making it easy for people to connect with him and share their stories. This talent shines through in his creation of the award-winning, nationally syndicated talk show, "Walk In Faith." In the series, Craig engages in insightful conversations with famous individuals from diverse backgrounds, exploring their unique journeys, obstacles, and inspirations. 

He passionately believes in the power of paying it forward. Through his church and numerous parishes across the diocese, he tirelessly volunteers to help feed the homeless. He’s also a certified Christian life coach. Craig’s selfless endeavors teach and profoundly inspire, leaving an indelible impact on those around him. He maintains that this mission, to uplift and inspire others is his life’s true calling. 

Born and raised in Brooklyn, he’s happily married to his wife, and they are parents to a young son and a Shih Tzu dog named Brownie. Craig’s hobbies include fishing with his son, traveling, trying new restaurants, and reading. He also just released a brand new cookbook, “Breaking Bread,” and is set to release another book in the fall. He resides in New Jersey with his family. 

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